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The benefits of using an Independent Broker : peace of mind

In today’s competitive market, it takes of lot more than simply hanging a « For Sale » sign from the lifelines in order to sell a pre-owned yacht. 

The decision to sell your boat is really much easier than completing the actual sale. An equally important decision is how to sell it--whether to hire a professional do it for you by using a Boat Builder's Dealer or an Independent Broker, or whether to try to handle the sale yourself.

That choice will also be influenced by the size and value of your boat. Small boats are rarely sold by brokers, since they produce too little income for the amount of time required to make the sale. Large boats often involve complex negotiations  that are handled more smoothly by experienced yacht brokers.

As an independant brokerage company, Haas International is not aligned or tied to any particular boat brand. We represent all sellers and secure a profit only when the sale is successful. We have an excellent reputation for knowing the market and setting competitive prices that attract interest and attention from potential buyers.  We are also known for building long-term positive relationships with our clients, who appreciate our professionalism, honesty, experience and hard work on their behalf.  We also provide an exciting and informative Internet website, and excellent strategic marketing.

Haas International will manage the sale from beginning to end, making it comparatively easy and worry-free for you.  Your satisfaction is our top priority! 

We will: 

  • take care of the preparation of the yacht for sale
  • ensure your yacht is being marketed in the most profitable and expeditious manner,
  • present the yacht to potential clients
  • assist with all negotiations
  • prepare the Memorandum of Agreement
  • arrange any rectification work
  • handle all the legal documentation



Assessing your yacht’s market value : the right pricing

Haas International will help you establish a fair-market value for the yacht.

Every yacht has its unique value, but the most common assessment error is pricing the yacht too high, which limits your overall potential market—extending the length of time it takes for the sale, if it sells at all. Improper pricing means fewer qualified buyers will be attracted to your boat and it will likely sit on the market, piling up expenses without selling and most importantly will attract no attention.

There’s no doubt that when it’s time to sell your boat the best way to do it is quickly. 



Yacht marketing : How does Haas International market a yacht?

A strong Internet identity is critical. Haas International will ensure that your yacht receives  maximum worldwide coverage across all key websites, using proven and effective yacht marketing methods combined with professional know-how.

We provide excellent presentation materials :

  • E-brochure designs with engaging detailed description of the yacht
  • Professional high quality photos of the yacht, inside and outside.
  • 360° panoramic still photos
  • Beautiful video footage of your entire yacht
  • High quality hard copy brochures

 Online resources:

Ad campaings in the following publications:

  • Boat International Magazine
  • Boat International Russia
  • Supersail World
  • Superyacht World
  • Showboats
  • Yachting World
  • Boote Exclusiv
  • Meer & Yachten
  • Les Voiles de St Tropez

Targeted marketing:

  • Weekly news
  • Enquiry management and tactical response
  • Emailing to our in-house database of clients
  • Constant cooperation with fellow brokers and representatives worldwide
  • Open days and yacht viewings
  • International yacht Shows : Monaco, Antibes, Palma



Ethic & Relationships

As a reputable yacht broker, Haas International belongs to the MYBA (Worldwide Yacht Broker Association) and consistently maintains a strong  professional Code of Ethics in both our personal and professional endeavors.

Our strategic position between the buyer and seller requires substantial responsibility to ensure that both parties are treated honestly and fairly.

We aim at building a lasting, positive relationship and partnership with our clients, and are always available to answer questions and provide assistance, even after the transaction is completed.

We value your loyalty and possible referrals or future business very highly.

Are you currently considering buying or selling a yacht ? Please  contact us — we would be delighted to assist you!



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